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The Women’s Empowerment Center, located on the 2nd floor, provides women and girls from Flint and Genesee County with a place to gather, share stories and experiences, participate in workshops to learn and develop new skills, and pursue goals and aspirations. The staff and trained life coaches assist with goal setting, reflection exercises, referrals to resources, and goal attainment. 

We understand that girls and women face a range of social, educational, and economic challenges in Genesee County. Recognizing that each woman’s journey is unique – with its own past, present, and future – the programs and services are designed within a framework of empowerment to support learning and the pursuit of pathways and opportunities to fulfill hopes and dreams.



Workshops and sessions to enhance participants' understanding of:

  • leadership styles and skills

  • goal setting

  • decision-making and problem-solving

  • self and identity

  • healthy relationships and interpersonal dynamics

  • financial literacy principles and strategies

  • community resources 



These programs are designed to facilitate transformational change by building self-confidence during adolescence when the drop in self-esteem and achievement is greatest. Sessions will enhance participants' understanding of:

  • self

  • healthy relationships

  • decision-making strategies

  • educational and career opportunities

  • goal setting 



Ideas for Programs, Partnerships or Resources

We believe that our work in service to girls and women and the Greater Flint community is enhanced by our collective knowledge, ideas, talents and contacts.  If you have an idea for a program or workshop that aligns with our mission for gender and racial equity, if you know a community entity that is doing similar work and see potential for a partnership to enhance transformational change, or if you know of resources, programmatic or financial, that can help expand our support network, please share!


Women are fierce. They are powerful. No matter what language they speak, how they dress, or the work they choose to do. What matters is they have a choice and the freedom to carve out a life for themselves.  As long as know women who are strong and resilient, we must respect them, carry them forward, lift them up.  For they are the product of our other selves, the women we were, the ones we strive to be, the collective struggle of our mothers, our sisters, and our daughters.  Our salvation will only come if we stand together.  By Lang Leav


The Women's Empowerment Center is available for women to gather and network informally, use a computer to explore resources, relax and read, attend a workshop, or meet with a staff member.

The WEC includes a multi-purpose room for workshops and classes, staff offices, a mini-computer lab, children’s play area as well as a small kitchen and lounge area.

Coming Soon: Childcare will be available when participants are attending programs or sessions.


Center hours are: 9:00 – 5:00

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