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Challenging Racism Workshops

Introductory and advanced sessions focused on helping participants create a shared language and develop strategies for effective listening and facilitation skills to challenge racism. Workshops are open to all individuals interested in an introduction to inequity and structural racism.

Racial Justice Transformational Leadership Academy (TLA)

The TLA is a six-week course designed to empower organizational and business leaders to embrace current challenges with diversity and inclusion, with an emphasis on racial equity, in their organizations.  Ideally, participants from organizations will include the CEO, director of human resources, one operational level manager, and a board member (if applicable). 


Program objectives include:

  • Empower leaders to embrace current challenges with diversity and inclusion (D&I).

  • Increase overall leadership competence and build team’s capacity around the topic of racial equity.

  • Gain tools to create more racially equitable organizations.

  • Expand understanding of organizational challenges and explore problem-solving and communication in the context of D&I

  • Network with other organizations who are committed to D&I work.


The TLA was developed based on several focus group conversations with community leaders in the Flint area representing the non-profit sector, higher education, and healthcare.  Leaders expressed an interest in an experience that went beyond a one-time, day-long diversity workshop and offered a more in-depth approach. The TLA offers a unique opportunity for teams to gain knowledge and skills around diversity and inclusion and help write an action plan to solve these organizational challenges.

Until Justice Just Is Campaign

Through programs and social media engagement, this is a YWCA national campaign to raise awareness about the impact of institutional and structural racism and by building community among those who work for racial justice.


YWomen Vote

A campaign aimed to increase voter turnout at elections, as well as promoting an understanding of issues that affect women’s and children’s lives.

To learn more about registering for a workshop or getting involved with a campaign, email us at

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