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The YWCA Greater Flint is grateful to all who share our vision and commitment for a future where women and girls can celebrate living in a community that is safe, committed to racial and gender equity, and provides opportunities for all to pursue and actualize their dreams and aspirations. These partnerships and collaborations have helped us to develop, implement, and fund the broad range of services offered within our three major initiatives: Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Programs, Women's Empowerment Center, and Racial Justice and Gender Equity Program. 

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Program

Our program and workshop concepts are outcomes of extensive conversations and discussions with many, including:

  • Community Foundation of Greater Flint

  • Crim Fitness Foundation

  • Flint Development Center

  • Flint and Genesee Chamber of Commerce

  • Huntington Bank

  • University of Michigan-Flint

  • numerous individual advocates, business and community leaders, educators and residents


The ability to transform concepts into programs and services would not be possible without the financial support from

  • AG Bishop Charitable Trust

  • Anna Paulina foundation

  • Child Welfare Society

  • Community Foundation Greater Flint

  • Huntington Bank

  • MacKenzie Scott Foundation

  • Tummala Foundation

  • Whiting Foundation

  • all of the many generous donors across Genesee County who have joined us in our vision for women and community.

A special note:

We are appreciative of our colleagues at Michigan State University, Division of Public Health, College of Human Medicine, for their 2018 Flint Women’s Study which emphasized the need to create spaces where women and girls can gather, learn, and build new skills and receive support to achieve their dreams.

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